Toulouse OncoWeek, 3-5 February 2016, Centre Pierre Baudis

The Technology Cluster will be present for the first TOW, through two posters and two presentations.
Frédéric Lopez will be speaking during the “General Public” session on Thursday 4 February, at 18:00, about technologies and research in cancer.
On Friday 5 February, at 17:00, Laure Tonini will be telling the audience about the new technology developed by the Cluster, SWATH mass spectrometry, and the identification of biomarkers in the context of colorectal cancer (Friday 5 February at 17:00).

> Lien Poster SWATH

«Using 2D-DIGE for Proteomic Discovery of CDA-related pathways in Pancreatic Cancer», Nathalie Saint-Laurent, Frédéric Pont, Marion Gayral, Pierre Cordelier et Frédéric Lopez.

>Lien Poster DIGE