Production of monoclonal antibodies

Production of monoclonal antibodies

The Monoclonal Antibody Production Platform operates under the responsibility of Professor Pierre Brousset, having resulted from the research activities of his team.

We can ensure the production of mouse monoclonal antibodies for CRCT teams.

The development of these antibodies involves several stages:

  • Immunisation of the animal (mainly mouse models) with the antigen of interest (recombinant proteins, coupled peptides, etc.);
  • Isolation of spleen cells, followed by their fusion with myelomatous cells;
  • Screening: for each project, an appropriate screening system is developed beforehand with the client and subsequently utilised;
  • Validation of the antibodies selected, thanks to close collaboration with the IUS Pathological Anatomy Department (Toulouse Oncopôle). After validation, antibody production can be achieved at a variety of scales;
  • Determination of the isotype, cryoconservation of hybridomas of interest.

Equipment available:

  • Cryostat thermo HM550
  • Hybridoma cell culture roller
  • PSM
  • Microscope