Depending on their availability, the cytometers are freely accessible to users who have completed the compulsory training given by the platform’s staff.

For other users, technical assistance is possible, by appointment.

Any new user must read and sign the regulations governing the Cytometry Platform and complete the information sheet.

Number of lasers Simultaneous parameters Other characteristics Optical configuration
MACSQuant 10 (Miltenyi Biotec) 3 visible
(405nm, 488nm and 635nm)
8 Plate and tube loader MQs
MACSQuant VYB (Miltenyi Biotec) 3 visible
(405nm, 488nm and 561nm)
8 Plate and tube loader  MQs
LSRII (BD Biosciences 3 visibles & 1 UV
(405nm, 488nm et 633nm et 355nm)
13 Tube loader      LSRII
Fortessa X20 (BD) 4 visible & 1 UV
(405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm and 355nm)
18 Plate loader  Fortessa X20

A few applications:

  • Membrane and intracellular multi-labelling
  • Analysis of transfection rate
  • Study of cellular functions (cell cycle, apoptosis, proliferation, calcium flux, etc.)
  • Analysis and characterisation of stem cells
  • Analysis of molecular interactions (FRET)