The Vectorology Platform, ‘Vectoul’, is attached to the Toulouse Cancer Research Centre (UMR1037 INSERM) and since 2008 has developed know-how centred on the production of two types of recombinant viral vectors: lentiviruses and adeno-associated viruses (AAV). The vectors can be delivered in either a concentrated or purified form for in vivo use, or in a non-concentrated form for in cellulo gene transfer.  Titration and quality control are assured on each batch of vector produced.  Whether you are a public or private sector laboratory, the Platform can provide support throughout your project; indeed, it offers a range of services that include the cloning of sequences of interest in shuttle plasmids, the transduction of lines to obtain stable clones, or assistance with declarations concerning the use of genetically-modified organisms to the National Council on Biotechnologies (HCB). The Platform can offer a catalogue of expression cassettes that permit the co-expression (inducible or not) of sequences of interest (cDNA, ShRNA, etc.) with reporter or selection genes.

The Vectorology Platform also places its expertise at the service of research teams by offering personalised training in working in biosafety L3 units and the production of lentiviral vectors.