The Genomics and Transcriptomics Platform at the CRCT Technology Cluster is dedicated to the analysis of nucleic sequences and their expression, using high-, moderate- and low-throughput techniques. The Platform has the following facilities:

– A NextSeq 550 (Illumina) for the analysis of gene expression by NGS sequencing,

– A Chromium Single Cell Controller (10X Genomics) for the analysis of gene expression in a single cell using NGS sequencing,

– An nCounter Analysis System comprising a Prep Station and Digital Analyser (nanoString) to analyse the expression of genes in tailor-made or pre-established panels by direct quantification,

– An iScan (Illumina) for the analysis of epigenetic profiles and SNP using microarrays,

– A GCS3000 station (Affymetrix) to analyse transcriptomic expression using microarrays,

– A Fragment Analyzer (Agilent, formerly Advanced Analytical) for the quality control of RNA, gDNA, NGS libraries and PCR fragments,

– Two StepOne Plus  and an Abi7500 (Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies) for quantitative PCR.

The Technology Cluster is also equipped with:

– A Clariostar (BMG Labtech) for plate or micro-volume fluorimetry, luminescence and absorbance assays,

– A Pico Bioruptor (Diagenode) for sonication in micro-volumes.

The management of ddPCR projects is also possible thanks to interactions with the GeT Santé Platform at Rangueil, Toulouse, which benefits from a QX200 AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR System (Bio-Rad).

The different services proposed include the quality control of RNA or DNA supplied by the customer, the preparation and conduct of experiments and quality control of the data produced.

To finalise analysis of the data generated, the Genomics and Transcriptomics Platform works in collaboration with the Technology Cluster’s Bioinformatics Platform. During preliminary discussions on a project, representatives from both platforms will be present if possible to ensure the optimum design of experiments.

Projects involving the provision of services are the subject of specific estimates. Compilation of an estimate is only possible after the project has been presented by the customer and then discussed, so as to ensure an optimum response to needs. We are also available to assist with the preparation of applications for financial support relative to your projects.



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