Created in 2009, certified with the norm ISO 9001:2008, the group is associated with the Proteomics Infrastructure of Toulouse and attached to the INSERM UMR 1037 CRCT. We develop skills focused on the study of proteins and offer technological expertise around protein fractionation and profiling and the study of molecular interactions.

This activity is dedicated to the entire scientific community encompassing private and academic collaborations with teams at the regional, national or international level.

The Proteomics group is positioned on technological developments dedicated to issues of both clinical and basic research, from the establishment of protein profiles (2D-DIGE, SELDI-TOF) and peptide (CE-MS, Chip-MS) to the identification by mass spectrometry of interaction partners (BIA-MS) and biomarkers or potential pharmacological targets for the development of diagnostic tools.

The group helps you in your projects from design and implementation of experiments to the formatting, use of results and writing publications.

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Exemple d'analyse DIA (SWATH) en protéomique
Analyse DIA (SWATH) en protéomique

Exemple de gel bi-dimensionnel DIGE
Gel bi-dimensionnel DIGE

Sensorgramme d'analyse en Single Cycle Kinetics (SCK)
Sensorgramme d’analyse en Single Cycle Kinetics (SCK)