Cellular Imaging

The Technology Cluster’s Cell Imaging Platform offers its expertise to the academic and private-sector scientific community in the region.  The platform is equipped with three fluorescence microscopes.  It operates under its own specific regulations, which form part of the regulations governing the Technology Cluster, validated by the CRCT Laboratory Council.  Reservations can be made via the website: OBM.inserm.fr, in the “Reservation” section.

Localisation :

The Cell Imaging Platform is based in a Biosafety L2 section of the Technology Cluster, on the first floor of CRCT building A.  The platform also benefits from a fully-equipped cell culture laboratory and a service area dedicated to data analysis.


  • Confocal microscope LSM 780 (Zeiss)
  • Confocal microscope LSM 880 Fast Airyscan (Zeiss)
  • Video microscope Cell Observer (Zeiss)
  • Operetta CLS (Perkinelmer)
  • Fluorescence microscope Axio Vert (Zeiss)


  • Cell imaging for public or private sector research organisations,
  • Advice and assistance for users regarding image acquisitions and analysis,
  • Training of users so they can use the microscopes independently,
  • Maintenance of all equipment and technology watch,
  • Compilation and communication of analytical results.

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