Bioruptor Sonicator

Sonication in micro-volumes

The Platform offers access to a precision sonicator for micro-volumes, the Bioruptor Pico from Diagenode.

The Bioruptor is a sonicator that can fragment 6 to 12 samples simultaneously depending on the volume to be sonicated (5µl-2ml). The Bioruptor Pico is ideal to achieve the:

– fragmentation of DNA to prepare libraries for the NGS (5 – 100 μl),

– fragmentation of chromatin (10 μl – 2 ml),

– fragmentation of RNA,

– cell lysis and protein extraction.


The racks and tubes available at the Technology Cluster for the Bioruptor Pico are as follows:

– Rack for 12 x 0.1 ml tubes (5μl – 50μl)

– Rack for 6 x 1.5 ml tubes (200μl – 300μl)

– Rack for 6 x 15 ml tubes (500μl – 2ml).


To control the quality of fragmentation in a small quantity of DNA or RNA, it is possible to use the Fragment Analyser.