Biological Resource Centre

The aim of the HIMIP (INSERM-Midi Pyrénées Malignant Blood Diseases, or Hémopathies malignes de l’Inserm Midi Pyrénées) Biological Resource Centre (CRB) is to make samples from patients with malignant blood diseases available to scientists so that they can validate their research programmes. It also enables the conservation of patient materials in cases where advances in knowledge may permit the identification of new therapeutic targets (health use).

The activities of the CRB consist in storing samples from patients that have previously been prepared by the Haematology Laboratory at IUCT Oncopôle in the form of cells frozen in DMSO, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and cytogenetic pellets. The CRB operates under the guidance of a Scientific Advisory Board which meets to approve requests for biological materials.

The teams that benefit from the transfers are mostly institutional research teams (INSERM and CNRS), sometimes in the context of a partnership with industry or a university, or joint programmes by several teams.


The Biological Resource Centre is also home to:

– the Cryostem collection (national collection of pre- and post-allograft haematopoietic stem cells for the study of graft-versus-host disease).

– the GRAALL collection (the national clinical research group on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in adults).

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